If you’re a savvy long-term investor that dreams of being able to one day sit back and watch your portfolio do all the work for you, you need a company that you can trust to manage all of your operational responsibilities – and then some. At Alpha Real Estate, we firmly believe that we ARE that company, offering a wide range of different services designed to better meet your needs.

We love listing property for sale! As property managers we are in a unique position to transition your property from the rental to the sales market. If you are a current client, our familiarity with you, your property, tenants and situation allow us to continue our relationship seamlessly. If you are a brand new client we look forward to earning your business and showing you first hand how we can take the stress out of your real estate transaction. No matter your situation put our years of expertise to work for you and you’ll be pleased with our commitment to your satisfaction.

Maybe you have been renting but always wondered about buying? We can let you know the best way to transition from being a tenant to homeowner. Don’t get us wrong we love having you as a tenant and our clients appreciate you paying off their mortgage but maybe it’s time to start paying off your own!

To learn more about our listing and buying services visit www.alpharealestatesales.com.