I like it, what’s the next step?
You must first check that it is still available. All adults who will be occupying the property need to complete an application and pay the application fee. Select the property on our vacancies page and click the APPLY NOW button. Partial applications will not “hold your place”. Once you complete an application for all prospective occupants and pay the fee it takes 24 – 72 hours to approve or deny. This time is necessary to verify rental history or employment, so please make sure that those people are expecting our call. All application fees are NON REFUNDABLE.

What if there is another application?
We only consider one application at a time and rent to the first qualified applicant. Time is of the essence. Once we receive your application and fee we date and time it. We do not consider other applicants unless we deny the first application. Either way we will notify your once a decision is reached on the first applicant. Should you fail to verify with us that there isn’t another applicant and you choose to submit your application you do so fully understanding that the fees are NON REFUNDABLE regardless of whether we process your application.

What happens after I’m approved?
We will contact you to sign the lease and pay the lease preparation fee and security deposit within 24 hours of approval notification. All leases are handled electronically. Once again time is of the essence because until we have a security deposit we continue to market the property for rent. If you don’t pay within 24 hours of approval we will process any back up applications and you may forfeit your ability to rent the home.

Is the application fee refundable?
Once you submit the application the fee is non refundable for any reason regardless if you are approved or denied. If you are concerned about being approved you should discuss your situation with us before we process your application.

May I have a cosigner?
If you do not financially qualify on your own it is possible that you may have another qualified person (an example would be your parents) sign on the lease with you. They must also complete an application and pay the fee, and will have the same rights and obligations as the tenants living in the house. A cosigner cannot be used to negate a negative background check.

How much is the security deposit?
The standard security deposit for folks with a good clean background is equal to one and a half’s months rent. If you do not have an established rental history, employment or blemishes in your past the deposit may be equal to two month’s rent and advance rent may be required.

How much is the pet deposit?
Click here for details.

What are your office hours?
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

What is the lease processing fee?
This fee goes towards handling the entire lease preparation. Alpha Real Estate spends considerable time and expense preparing your lease and processing it through move in.

How long can you hold a property?
In general the maximum time we can hold a property for is 15 days with a reservation fee equal to the security deposit. If you back out prior to move in the deposit is nonrefundable and you will be responsible for the terms of the lease. If you wish to hold it longer you will need to begin paying rent. Some properties may not be available to hold.

How long are your leases?
Our standard lease is one year. The shortest term for regular rentals we will even consider is three months. Anything less than one year will incur an additional monthly fee, which will depend on the property and the length of the lease. Longer term leases may be available.

Do you do vacation or short term rentals?
Yes, click here for our Vacation Rentals.

Do you have other properties besides what’s on your website?
No, we update the website as soon as we know of a property becoming available.

If I tell you what I want will you call me when something comes available?
The best way to be kept abreast of new listings is to “like” us on Facebook and to bookmark our website. As soon as we post it to our site it automatically feeds to Facebook. We don’t maintain a list.

What area do you service?
We have properties as far north as Mars Hill, south Arden/Fletcher, east Black Mountain and west to Candler.