Considering a home or apartment built before 1978?

Many older homes in the United States might contain lead based paint. You see, prior to 1978, paints and other products containing lead were widely used in homes and offices. Chipping and peeling paint can expose occupants to this hazardous material. In addition, many older plumbing systems utilized lead-based solder to join pipes. This lead can leech into the water, especially when running hot water. In certain areas, high concentrations of lead can even be found in the ground soil.

If the unit you are considering was constructed prior to 1978 there will be an addendum attached to your lease disclosing the owner’s knowledge of whether or not your home has been tested for lead paint and any reports available. If you notice any peeling, chipping or flaking paint please notify us.

Before you buy, sell or rent an older home, you need to know what hazards may exist. If selling or renting, federal law stipulates that you must disclose any lead-based paint in the home. If you’re buying or renting, you want to know what hazards may be lurking in the walls, as well as in the pipes, before you put up your earnest money or make application. If you would like further information visit the National Lead Information Center.