Thank you for considering Alpha Real Estate for your property management referrals! Our primary business is full service property management. A large percentage of our business comes from agents in the area. Over the years we have paid out thousands in Realtor referral fees for owner referrals.

Owner Referrals
We gladly pay a referral fee equal to licensed real estate brokers fee if we sign a standard management agreement with your owner referral. Once the property is rented and we have been paid we will send a check to your brokerage firm. Should the client wish to buy or sell real estate we send them back to you!

Tenant Referrals
We appreciate your referrals and will take great care of them. We do not pay referral fees for tenants.

Please use us for your property management resource! Kimberly is always happy to share knowledge and discuss investment real estate! Thanks again for considering Alpha Real Estate.